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A History of Quality Service & Support

Founded in 2005, SuperBlogAds Inc.’s SilverlightHostingNews.com is the complete Silervlight and WCF RIA Service resources. It combines years of experience and proprietary technology to give small business owners, developers, Webmasters, and e-commerce businesses the most comprehensive, up-to-date information about Silverlight and WCF RIA Service. SuperBlogAds’ experienced staff, extensive features, and exclusive technology not only makes SuperBlogAds the premier news directory on the Web, but also makes it a truly unique resource for the small and medium enterprise market.


Currently, SuperBlogAds owns 4 useful news directory, namely SilverlightHostingNews.com, SharepointHostingNews.com, CrystalReportHostingNews.com and SQL2008HostingNews.com. SuperBlogAds is looking to add more useful resources on the Web to help many Internet users and ASP.NET developers in finding quality and reliable ASP.NET, Silverlight/WCF RIA Service and any Microsoft-related news and articles.

Business Background

We are building on our 5th year of facilitating an information and lead generation exchange between ASP.NET users/Internet Users with the product/application supplier. We publish all relevant articles at least once a week and this articles/news will be listed on major search engines and they are being crawled by major ASP.NET forums and discussion boards.

If you like to advertise your business on our directory/news portal, SuperBlogAds will deliver a cost-effective solution. In fact, with a 90% renewal rate by our advertisers, you can rest assured that our reputation inside the hosting industry is without equal. No other publication can rival the exclusive, prominent, and effective marketing environment that SuperBlogAds provides to advertisers. However, it is not just our reputation but also the reputation of our sponsors. SuperBlogAds works with and promotes the most elite companies providing web hosting solutions. Companies that advertise at SuperBlogAds are recognized as premier hosting participants, SEO companies and reflect high-quality and reliable offerings. The ongoing and successful relationship forged between those sponsors and SuperBlogAds, enables a continuing dialogue driven around client acquisition and brand extension

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1. We are serious about promoting your company as well as increasing the credibility and visibility of your website. We have an average of 5400 daily unique users
Why advertise with SuperBlogAds?

2. We offer good SEO opportunities help you increase your website visibility through our themes sponsorship. We have a website at SilverlightHostingNews.com, SharepointHostingNews.com, SQL2008HostingNews.com, ASPNETHostingNews.com and CrystalReportHostingNews.com whereby you can put text link into the templates so that web users can download it to use and your text link will appear on their blog/site permanently in the future as long as the site use our template

3. We offer affordable advertisement starting from just US$60 per month. We realize that many start-ups companies may not have big budget for advertisement and hence, we are willing to help by offering an affordable advertisement rate. We have the best-for-money advertisement rate in industry!

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