ASP.NET 4.6 Hosting :: Get the control’s ClientID in an external javascript file

When you have a control inside a content place holder and when the runat=”server” attribute is set, changes the client id to something autogenerated that is a combination of the content place holder and the control id. As a result you will have to get the client id dynamically when you want to retriece the value of a control through javascript.

ahp banner aspnet-01If you add the javascript directly to the markup, you can obtain the client id like this:

Notice the quotes around <%=ControlID.ClientID %>. The expression is evaluated and replaced with the client id eventhough you would believe it would be considered a string.

How to get the client id of a control in an external javascript file
In an external javascript file you can’t use the <%=ControlID.ClientID %> to get the client id of a control. You must obtain it with a minimal snipet of javascript in the markup file, and then pass it as a parameter to a function in the external javascript file.

Aspx-file markup file

External javascript file

In ASP.NET 4.0 and later you can force not the change the id of a control – it will have the same id serverside as clientside – by use of the ClientIDMode.

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