ASP.NET 4.7.1 Hosting – How To Use Distinct And FirstOrDefault Clauses In .NET Using linq.js?

Let us see how to use Distinct() and FirstOrDefault() clauses with the help of linq.js in .NET Web Application.hostforlifebanner


  1. It is useful to write simple LINQ queries from Entityframework to client side with LinqJS.
  2. It’s better for validating data at the client side.
  3. Improves performance of the application.

Let’s see one by one,

  1. Distinct() function is different here.
    C#.NET Code

    LinqJS Code
  2. The FirstOrDefault() function is nearly similar.
    C#.NET Code


    Here in defaultWeekData, you will get cmbMonth = “Second week”.
    LinqJS Code

With defaultWeekData, you will get cmbMonth = “Second week”.